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Why should I be on the Web?

There are many reasons, but for businesses the answers fall into a few main categories:

  • To have an Internet "presence." The Internet has become so popular during the last few years that not having a presence is almost like not being listed in the telephone directory. Although this reason may seem trivial at first, people throughout the world are using the Internet more and more each day to search for information about companies of many types.
  • To attract more business or new business. Your Web site can be at work selling your product or service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Web can provide audio/visual effects (movies, animation, sound bites), interactivity (on-line order forms, questionnaires, etc.) and freshness (updates as often as you like) unmatched by conventional advertising media. In other words, there are things you can do with your Web site that could never be done with your other forms of advertising. Your Web site will not replace your other advertisements, but it will complement them in a very powerful way when used properly.
  • To serve current customers or clients better. Technical support information, product specifications, up-to-date price lists, phone numbers and e-mail addresses can all be built into your Web site. This provides a great way for your current clientele to access important information with minimal effort and could give your customer service efforts a big boost.
  • To conduct on-line commerce. Technology now exists to allow customers to securely submit their credit card information via your Web site to place orders for goods or services.
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    How much will it cost?

    A single, high-quality page typically costs $110.00. This is a one-time charge for layout and design, search engine registration, etc. Once your page is designed, Ozewebhost can then host your site on our high speed web server. The cost for web site hosting is billed monthly in advance with pricing plans starting at $27.50.

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    Why should I choose Ozewebhost to design and maintain my organisation's Web site?

    Your Web presence is important. If it is not viewable in all browsers, if it loads too slowly, or if it is difficult to navigate, it is not working as hard for you as it should be. In fact, it may even be working against you.

    We have over 20 years experience with computers, software and programming. This provides us with the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job right. From the simplest single page to the most complex and sophisticated sites, you can be confident that our product will leave your Internet visitors with a positive impression of your company or organisation. And because Ozewebhost's prices are so affordable, there is no reason to take chances by settling for anything less than the best.

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    Anybody can design website these days...  Right?

    Modern web creation and publishing tools have made it easier for individuals who are computer literate to create simple websites. However, producing high-quality, interactive Web sites still requires skills and talents that develop with time and experience.

    If you want to be sure that the final product is up to par, it makes sense to hire experienced professionals to do the job right. In the end, you'll save time, energy and money (compared to paying your employees to learn to do the job in-house or having to re-design a site that is poorly done the first time).

    Smart business people know that initial cost and out-of-pocket expense are not the true measure of how much something costs.  We don't stop until you're totally satisfied and, more importantly, that your web site begins producing the business result you desire.

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    What do I need to know about URLs and domain names?

    Your URL (Universal Resource Locator) is your Internet address. People type this address into their browsers to get to your Web site. There are two main types of URLs that are available for your Web site. You can choose either of these depending on your needs and preferences.

    1. Your site can be listed as a subset of your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) site. This method is least expensive but often makes your URL a bit longer and harder to remember and to type. Example: http://www.ozewebhost.com.au/~crago/ where <Ozewebhost.com.au> is the name of the ISP and <crago> is the name of the individual who owns the Web site.
    2. You can register your own domain name. This gives your site its own special identity. It costs more than the method described above but adds a touch of prestige to your business's Internet presence. Example: http://www.crago.com, where <crago> is the  name of the business that owns the site. The name of the ISP that hosts the site is not apparent in the URL.

    In either case, your site can be viewed by people all over the world no matter how they access the Web. Also in either case, your site can be listed in Internet search engines so that people who don't already know your URL will be able to find you by searching for certain key words that appear in your site. If these ideas are new and unfamiliar to you, we will be happy to explain them in more detail. Just give us a call!

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    How can I get more traffic to my Web site?

    As a free service to each of our Web site design clients, Ozewebhost submits the site's basic information to the major search engines that accept automated submissions. Client's should realise however that since these search engines contain literally millions of entries, search engine registration alone will not necessarily bring thousands of visitors to your site overnight. We recommend that our clients use a battery of marketing strategies to bring traffic to their site. These include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Keep your site clean and error free. Nobody will spend much time on a site that takes forever to load or one that is filled with broken links. Let us know if you find errors or hear of problems with your site.

    2. Publicise your URL (Web site address) on your business cards, fax cover sheets,  company letterhead, etc. These documents are going directly to the people with whom you want to do business (or with whom you want to continue to do business). Make sure they see your Web site!

    3. Register your own domain name (e.g., yourcompany.com). It's more professional and easier to remember than a long URL that attaches your name to the name of your Internet Service Provider.

    4. Advertise your Web site on the radio, in print ads and on television. If these media are already in your marketing plan, it's easy to include your URL at the end of the ad. While these ads are generally limited in content, they can draw inquisitive listeners, viewers, and readers to your site for more detailed information.

    5. Make sure you're registered with the major search engines and directories. If your site was developed by us within the past few months, chances are that your site already appears in these search listings. On the other hand, if it's been a while since we submitted your site, you may find that your listing has been dropped from these databases. The good news is that it's relatively easy for us to re-submit your site to hundreds of search engines.

    6. Get others to link to your site. If we developed your site, you're already linked to the Ozewebhost business directory. Chambers of commerce, Internet service providers, community organisations and others all offer free or inexpensive ways to get your site linked. Also consider reciprocal links to your business associates' sites and to your clients' sites.

    7. Keep your site fresh. If people return to your site for a second visit, will they see the same thing they did last time? In some cases, that may not be a big problem, but in other cases, it could spell disaster. If you feature products, real estate listings or press releases, make sure that there is something new at least once a month.

    8. Make your site valuable to your visitors. Consider rewarding them for coming to your site with a special printable coupon, a tip of the day or information that helps them make decisions or purchases.
    9. Announce your new site with a press release. Unlike a paid ad, this is FREE. Of course, it is most appropriate if your site is new.

    10. Create an ad banner campaign. Ozewebhost can design an ad banner for this type of use and can help you to draw attention to your site by getting your ad banner to appear on other Web sites both far and near.

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    Why does my site look different on different computers?

    If you use more than one computer or more than one Web browser to surf the 'Net, you already know that the same page may look and act quite different depending on how you view it. Dozens of variables such as Web browser, monitor size, video colour depth and operating system can all affect the way a site displays and behaves.

    The World Wide Web is full of examples like these that underscore the importance of professional Web page development. There are all too many Web pages that look wonderful in the latest version of a popular browser, but appear dishevelled, disorganised, or completely unreadable to millions of other potential viewers who have different hardware/software configurations.

    At Ozewebhost, we strive to make sure that your Web presence is available to 100% of its potential audience. We make use of the latest advances and browser extensions while also considering those who view the Web through other less sophisticated combinations of hardware and software.

    This Web site is a good example. It uses the latest in Java, JavaScript and HTML 4.0. Although it looks different to different viewers, it is viewable to everyone who visits because Ozewebhost has designed it for, and tested it on, a wide variety of platforms and browsers. (Try viewing it on a number of different computers or with a number of different browsers to see for yourself.)

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    Who maintains my site once it has been designed?

    Once your site is published, you will probably want to make occasional or periodic changes to keep it looking fresh and up to date. That is one of the great advantages of the Web as a means of mass communication. There are two ways to accomplish these updates.

    The first option is to have it done in-house by your own staff. This might make sense if you anticipate a high volume of changes on a regular basis, and you employ trained individuals who can devote the time to keep a site current and polished. However, it has been our considerable experience that most organisations find this method much more labor-intensive and complex than they at first anticipated. In fact, many clients who initially decide to maintain their own sites, later realise that it is more cost-effective to have Ozewebhost perform routine maintenance tasks, especially when they consider the hidden cost of a site that doesn't function properly or looks less than professional to their prospective customers or clients.

    Ozewebhost has as much interest in your site looking good and functioning properly as you do (maybe even more). When one of our sites is visually or functionally disrupted by a well-intentioned maintainer outside our organisation, it reflects badly on us and on the client for whom the site was designed.

    Therefore, from the very beginning, we made a conscious decision to offer one of the most affordable and flexible maintenance policies anywhere. Because we have all the necessary tools and the skills that have developed with years of experience, we can perform maintenance tasks much faster, and therefore more affordably, than most organisations can do in-house. The choice is yours, but our maintenance fees are so low that the outcome for most organisations is obvious.

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