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Introduction to Internet domain names

What is a domain name?

A domain name has a similar function to the postal address allocated to your business by the post office - more info!
Registering your own domain name for your business is the first step in creating a professional Internet presence. It also allows you to have a much more professional domain-based email address, e.g. info@mybusiness.com.au projects a much better corporate image than myname@hotmail.com.

To see if your desired domain name is available for registration, make use of our online domain name check facility.

Domain name delegation

Once a domain name is registered  to your business it is then delegated to the IP address allocated to the web server that will be hosting your website. Once your domain name has propagated throughout the Internet, it allows other Internet users to locate the particular web server that is hosting your website.

Types of domain names available

There are two main categories of domain names available today. Firstly we have what are referred to as 'TLD' or, Top-Level-Domains.  These are the '.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, edu, gov,' that you are probably familiar with. They can be registered by anybody, anywhere and with no special requirements other than that the name is available. 

The '2LD' or Second-Level-Domains are those domains that have a country extension appended to the domain name such as, '.com.au, .co.uk, .com.nz, etc. The 2LD domains are generally regulated by a government-related organisation in the respective country.  They usually have a multitude of rules & regulations making registration a rather onerous task (frequently requiring business registration in the chosen country as a pre-requisite).

The following link provides an overview of Australian domain name registration.

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The Internet domain name records are stored (and continually updated) on very powerful computers, known as 'root servers' that are strategically placed in important International communication hubs around the world
(approx. 14 root servers as of January 2003). The world-wide root server system completely refreshes within a maximum time-frame of 48 hours. This means if you register your new domain name today, a user on the other side of the globe should be able to access web pages within 48 hours of registration and delegation (presuming it is hosted on a web server).