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Secure Credit Card Transactions

How secure transactions work (simple system)

Secure e-commerce is simply the ability to accept credit card transactions from your customers when they order goods or services from your web site. This takes place over a secure encrypted connection between the customers computer, your web site and Ozewebhost's ecommerce system. Hopefully the following graphic explanation will give you an insight into the world of Internet commerce.

Step 1.

A customer visits your web site via the normal un-encrypted Internet connection.

Step 2.

The customer decides to place an order via your web site. When the customer clicks on the link to the page containing your Order Form he/she will be automatically routed to the secure section of your web site. This secure connection is displayed in red in the following diagrams.

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Step 3.

Once the customer has completed the Secure Order Form he will click the Submit button and send the order to the Ozewebhost secure server. The server will automatically send you an email telling you that an order has been placed via your web site.

NB: You do not have to be online at the same time as the customer submits the order. However, for the sake of simplicity, we have shown your computer being online at this time in the following example.

Step 4.

Once you get the emailed advice re your customer's order, you simply click on a hyperlink in the email to connect to your web site via a secure encrypted link . You can then download the order and process the credit card details via your normal credit card merchant facility.

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Hopefully the above diagrams have provided you with a basic understanding of how your business can benefit by allowing customers to order and pay online via our secure ecommerce system. The above system is a low-cost way of introducing ecommerce into your business and involves no additional commission or transaction charges, apart from your normal merchant fees. Should you have any further questions, please use the following Ecommerce Enquiry form.

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