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Web hosting introduction - Ozewebhost, Australia

Australian website hosting for business - $1.00 Au per month*

There are literally a zillion web hosting companies out there in Cyberspace, all trying to offer more disk space, more bandwidth, a bigger Widget, etc, etc.
The amusing thing is that the average business website generally uses less than 10 mega bytes of disk storage and rarely makes a blip on the bandwidth 'radar'.  However most web hosting companies still have this mis-guided focus on technical specifications as being the total solution to the marketing requirements of your business... this is not the case at all.
*Therefore we apportion our $27.50 monthly Internet services charge as follows:
  Web hosting: @ $1.00/month        

  Internet marketing services: @ $26.50/month


While the above break-down is done a little tongue-in-cheek, it is a reasonably close indication of where we expend our resources on your behalf (and no...  you can't order them separately)<big grin>.

Internet marketing services produce results

Approximately 60% of web servers use Linux/Apache software and feature almost identical hardware. So..... they all do pretty much the same thing and provide the similar 'gizmos'. The critical thing is to find a hosting company that has a tight focus on Internet marketing and can provide:

  • unlimited data transfer & disk storage - more info!
  • personal, on-going marketing assistance
  • monitoring of your site's results on a regular basis - more info!
  • on-going search engine submission & results monitoring
  • humans to answer your telephone calls for support (no Muzak!)
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime - more info!
  • multiple backbone connections to the Internet
  • unlimited telephone and email support - more info!

Ozewebhost clients receive all of the above services as part of their monthly Internet marketing package which also includes the hosting of their website.

We also invite you to fill out the following Consultation Request Form to obtain up-to-the-minute professional advice on choosing the most effective Internet marketing solution for your business. 

Within 24 hours of submitting the following request form, one of our consultants will contact you to offer a personal, obligation-free consultation.

"Check out what our customers are saying about our service!"

Ozewebhost Pty Ltd

74 Kinghorne Street
Nowra 2541 NSW, Australia
Telephone: +61 (0)2 4423 0644
Email: info@ozewebhost.com

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The reason we are able to offer 'unlimited' disk space and data transfer (bandwidth) is because usage averages out over many clients. Also, because we specialise in providing Internet marketing solutions for businesses, we do not attract the type of hosting clients that consume large amounts of web server resources.

*NB: We do reserve the right to restrict any activity that compromises the safe operation of our web servers and/or has the potential to affect other clients.

Quite frankly, the purely technical operation of a web server bores me to tears. For us, ensuring that a client's website performs up to their expectations is the exciting part of our company's operations. We consider that we have succeeded when a client reports a positive result in their cashflow as a result of our Internet marketing activities. To us, that is the only thing that really counts :-))

YES... the techo-stuff really is important and to put your mind at rest all our web servers are housed in a multi-million dollar data centre with 24 x 7 support staff, personal and electronic security, multiple Internet backbone connections, multiple standby diesel power supplies, etc.

Checking the stats for one of our web servers recently indicated a total down-time of just 6.5 hours over 3.5 years. If you want to run the maths on that it translates as an uptime of 99.9998%... so we are very relaxed about guaranteeing an uptime of 99.9% ;-)

When you ring for help, you won't be placed in an automated telephone answering system.
Humans actually answer real telephones at Ozewebhost!
Support emails are answered promptly and specifically and we provide unlimited support for anything remotely within our areas of expertise.